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Use Skin-Friendly,

Hypoallergenic Cosmetics

Look stylish and be good to yourself at the same time. Belle Toi Cosmetics produces advanced skin care products that never go out of style. (Some of our products are even Passover approved.) Choose cruelty-free skin care items to highlight the best traits of your face with cosmetics that are:

 ·   Mineral Oil Free

·   Talc Free

·   Dye Free

·   Paraben Free

·   No Animal Testing

 Our experts develop creative, cost-effective makeup and hypoallergenic cosmetics. Try our mineral-enriched powder with botanical extracts and vitamins that make your skin look flawless and healthy. We are proud to offer makeup brands not tested on animals.

Achieve Skin That's Soft

to the Touch

Feel comfortable in your skin. When you apply our face creams, your skin is radiant and has a gentle texture. Our products include ingredients that offer noticeable results safely and effectively. With more than 50 scientifically developed skin-care products, from basic care to advanced dermatological formulas, our brands support every skin type.

Man Smiling

Vitamin C Night Cream

Radiant Skin Enhances Natural Beauty

Master a new look and create stunning results with our hypoallergenic cosmetics. Our targeted skin-care solutions are concentrated, non-invasive therapies designed to help remedy specific skin conditions. Active ingredients and advance technology deliver powerful results.

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